The Smallholder Food Business Development Institute Podcast

Empowering food businesses to be sustainable and profitable

Build the business you were meant to build.

Imagine if

  • You had a deep understanding of your documentation
  • You really understood what you make and how you solve problems for your target market
  • Your employees were engaged and empowered, and you were too
  • You were really living the life you were meant to lead

The podcast that changes everything.

Episode 1: You miss more by not looking than by not knowing

  • Introductions
  • The Model
  • Managing your mind for results

Episode 2: Tech Talk Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Welcome to our first tech talk, where we give you the info you need to drive your work forward.
  • What are GMPs, why are they important, and what do you do about them?!

Episode 3: Stop Selling food, start selling results.

  • No one buys your food. They buy a solution to a problem.
  • Be that solution and explode the possibilities in your business!

Episode 4: Tech Talk: Supplier Approvals.

  • Garbage in, garbage out!
  • What supplies do you use in your food and how are your customers mitigating the risk of your food?
  • Learn what everyone needs to know from meat and poultry, to fish to produce, and everything in between!

Meet Your Podcast Host: Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel is a service connected US Army veteran with nearly a decade of experience in food safety and regulatory medicine. As President and CEO of Dirigo Food Safety, she brings expertise in hazard analysis, GAP planning, food safety training, and crisis management. Dirigo Food Safety is committed to helping businesses grow, comply with regulations, and inspire consumer trust. She can be reached at For more information about Dirigo Food Safety, visit

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